Miguel Andujar was Robbed of the Rookie of the Year

Shohei Otani has been named the American League Rookie of the Year, over Miguel Andujar, and I can’t comprehend how or why this could’ve happened.

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Jets Week 10 Grades

If you truly know me, you know that NFL Sundays are by far my favorite day of the week. Even though Sunday morning is usually accompanied by a massive hangover and it marks the start of the end of the weekend, I still love my Sundays. I knew coming into the season that the 2018 Jets wouldn’t be a good team, but I didn’t think they would become unwatchable this year with so many young exciting players. I figured that even though they would lose a lot, my Sundays would still be enjoyable. That changed on Sunday during the 41-10 dick-kicking by the Bills. Continue reading

Season 13 of “It’s Always Sunny” is in the Books


On Wednesday night, “It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia” aired the season finale to its 13th season. After taking over a year off in between decisions and Dennis possibly not coming back for the season, the 13th season had some doubters before the season premiered. Well, I am happy to say that “It’s Always Sunny” didn’t disappoint. Here are some of the low- and highlights of this season. Continue reading

TJ Needs a Good Week After being Fitzmagic’d

Ryan Fitzpatrick

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Thank you very little Cincinnati. Talk about taking your foot off the gas. The Bengals were rolling Sunday, up by about 2 million points midway through the third quarter when Ryan Fitzpatrick came in and turned into “Fitzmagic” leading the Buccaneers all the way back to cover the spread. Continue reading

New York Jets Midseason Notes


Point Jets GIF from Point GIFs

As crazy as it sounds, the Jets are already halfway through their 2018 regular season schedule as they get set for their Week 9 game against the Dolphins. With a 3-5 record, they actually have the same record as they did last year at the midway point, but things definitely feel a little different this year. While I don’t think anyone expects this team to contend for a wildcard spot, there are plenty of reasons why the rest of the games will be crucial for the franchise moving forward. Continue reading