Top Five: Subway Series Moments


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The Yankees are once again at Citi Field spanking around the Mets, a.k.a. the JV squad, a.k.a. little brother as the 2018 Subway Series kicked off with the Yankees winning 4-1. With that, we are ranking our Top Five Subway Series moments. 

TJ’s Picks: 
5. The Rally Beer Game: I wrote about this game in a Top Five before, on a beautiful Sunday in the Bronx I bought a Miller Lite that sparked a Yankees rally and shattered Mets fans hopes. Sure, Derek Jeter had an infield double (Meet the Mets!) and Russell Martin had two dingers, but it was me buying a beer that started it all. 
4. Mike Piazza Overreacts After a Foul Ball: In the first inning of game two of the 2000 World Series, Mike Piazza hit a foul ball breaking his bat. The head of the bat went towards the pitcher’s mound where Roger Clemens picked it up and calmly tossed it to the side. Piazza who ran halfway down the line for no apparent reason took exception to this and started a benches-clearing incident. 
3. Derek Jeter Leads Off Game Four with a Home Run: After the Mets won game three of the 2000 World Series, their fans began feeling hopeful that they could pull off the comeback. That ended on the first pitch of game four when Derek Jeter hit one to the moon. 
2. Luis Castillo Drops the Ball: With the game and the series on the line and the Yankees down by one, Alex Rodriguez hits a harmless pop up to shallow right. Well, it should have been harmless, but second baseman Luis Castillo dropped it! With Derek Jeter and Mark Teixeira running (I don’t know if you can say Tex runs, but he was going as fast as he could) on contact, both scored to give the Yankees the win. 
1. Luis Sojo’s Game-Winning Hit in Game Five of the World Series: Imagine you’re Joe Torre and you need a pinch-hitter in the top of the ninth inning of a World Series game. Do you go with big-time power hitters Jose Canseco or Glenallen Hill? No, you opt for utility infielder Luis Sojo who perfectly places a 2,000 hopper right through the heart of the Mets. 
Rob’s Picks:
5. July 3rd, 2004 at Shea: I guess I’ll throw in a Yankees loss to start. This was my first Yankees Vs Mets game in person and other than the outcome, it was everything I could’ve hoped for. Tony Clark hit two home runs for the Yankees in a game that was back and forth on a hot summer day. The Mets ended up winning 10-9 but the back and forth action both on the field and between Yankees/Mets fans was something I’ll always remember.
4. CC vs RA Dickey: This was the first Subway Series game that I attended at Citi Field and it didn’t disappoint. The pitching matchup didn’t live up to the hype, but the game was back and forth until Robbie Cano hit a bomb to center field for the go-ahead run. It was an awesome feeling to celebrate the win with my cousin and rub it in the faces of all the Mets fans.
3. 2000 World Series Game One: Thank god this game was on a Saturday night, otherwise, 7-year-old Rob wouldn’t have been allowed to stay up for the whole thing. I don’t remember every detail from this game, but I do remember the moment when the Yankees scored the winning run in the 12th inning. My Mets fan uncle literally just stood up and went home without even saying bye to anyone.
2. Two Stadium Double Header: 2000 is obviously known best for the Subway World Series, but the regular season edition of the Subway Series featured something that rarely happens. Due to rain, the Yankees and Mets had to play a two-stadium doubleheader in the same day. The Yankees won both games by a score of 4-2 and the second game featured the Roger Clemens Vs Mike Piazza Part I incident.
1. Luis Castillo Drop: I’ve featured this game in a previous blog already, but how could I not bring it up again? Walking out of the stadium after this game was awesome. I’ve never seen a fan base as dejected as the Mets fans were that night.

Mike’s Picks

5. Luis Castillo Drops the Ball: No baseball top 5 of mine would be complete without an A-Rod reference. My guy A-Rod flashing that clutch gene early in the 2009 season when he hit his towering pop-up that should’ve ended the game to Castillo. Castillo drops the ball, Tex scores from first and the Yankees kept the Mets in their place.

4. Rally Beer Game: This was such an awesome game and comeback for the Yanks. TJ and I joked around that his beer would spark the Yanks’ rally and the next thing you know Russell Martin was hitting a walk-off home run.

3. Clemens throws broken bat at Piazza: Clemens definitely threw that broken bat intentionally at Piazza. But could you really blame him? It’s the World Series and the guy was all hopped up on HGH and pre-workout there’s zero chance he remembers any of it happening. The best part about this was Piazza knew he had to do something but was too soft to want anything to do with Clemens.

2. Jose Vizcaino Walk-Off single Game One: Jose Vizcaino one of the Yanks utility infielders that would come through during the 2000 World Series. In a game that featured a pitcher’s duel, a Mets’ baserunning blunder and the longest game in World Series history, Vizcaino was able to deliver the game-winning single up the middle. TJ used to bust my balls and tell me he was the real #13 in Yankees’ history.

1. Jeter throws Timo Perez out at the Plate: In game 1 of the 2000 World Series, Todd Zeile hit what looked to be a home run, causing Timo Perez to slow up his sprint and start to jog around the bases; HOWEVA, the ball hit off the top of the wall and David Justice was able to make a solid throw to Derek Sanderson Jeter. Jeter then picks the ball off a hop and makes a perfect throw to the plate on the run to nail Perez.


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