TJ’s Sure-to-Be Crap Picks for Week 11

Rob's Toilet
Before we get into this week’s sure-to-be crap picks, let’s talk about last week’s for a moment. Could last week have gone any worse? The Patriots decide to take the week off and get completely bullied by the Titans, and the Atlanta Falcons get their doors blown off against the Browns. Fortunately for me, sitting at 0-2 I could always count on the Dolphins! 

These freaking morons snapped the ball over their 20-foot-tall quarterback’s head, they block a punt and move the ball ONE-FREAKING YARD, and convert on a fake punt only to punt a few plays later. Defensively, they allowed Aaron Jones to run up and down on them as if each one of the players had him on their fantasy team! On one play half the team went to the left, half went to the right, and he ran up the middle for I don’t know how many yards without being touched! 
Thanks a lot for not showing up in a tough spot as always Miami! I mean thank goodness, my crappy record would have been even worse without it! 
Phew! Now that I am done with that on to the picks for this week. 
Tampa Bay Buccaneers +1.5 @ New York Giants
I don’t think much of Tampa Bay, but the Giants and their fans have some set of stones for talking all week like they are going to go on a run and sneak into the playoffs. You won one game (barely) against the two-win San Francisco 49ers and their third-string quarterback. So go kick rocks you 2-7 losers!
Houston Texans @ Washington Redskins UNDER 42.5
The Redskins with Alex Smith are the classic bad team that is going to make the playoffs beating bad teams in close games with solid defense and a quarterback that doesn’t turn the ball over. The Texans aren’t bad, but they may not be good either, no matter I can’t see their defense giving up more than 20 points to the Redskins. I would say the final score is going to be 20-16 one way or the other. 
Denver Broncos +7.5 @ Los Angeles Chargers
Here is a fun fact for all of you, Denver’s coach, Vance Joseph, is my guy, and as much as I wouldn’t mind seeing him get fired so he can return to the Dolphins as defensive coordinator, I can’t root against him. I also think despite the Broncos’ struggles Joseph gets them to play hard. I doubt they win, but they should be able to cover.  
Record on the Year: 13-17

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